AMPM Pest Control Frequently-Asked Questions

How to book service
You can call or text 1 (613) 532-4555 or email me at to schedule your treatment.
What areas/locations does AMPM Pest Control serve?
I service the KFL&A areas and east to Gananoque [map]
What types of Eco preservations do you employ?
We do not do broadcast type sprays which may harm beneficial species such as butterflies and honey bees. Each service is designed with IPM in mind. We love our honey bees!
What practices do you employ to ensure family safety?
As a mom of two young children and a few furry friends I’m committed to family safety. I wouldn’t use a method or product in your home that I wouldn’t use in mine. Most of the time you don’t even need to leave your house for the treatment. I strive to provide both family friendly and environmentally conscious treatment plans.
What do we need to do to prepare for an exterior spray?
  1. If you are planning on pressure washing your home, do this prior to your exterior spray
  2. Ensure windows are closed
  3. Secure pets safely inside for 1 hour following treatment to allow product to dry
  4. Enjoy your pest free home
Does AMPM Pest Control just come and spray pesticides?
No! I implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs with each service. IPM is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach using science to determined an action plan that combines biological, physical, chemical and cultural tools to respond to a pest problem for the most effective approach with least risk.
How long will my service take?
Depends on the type of service provided. Some may only take 20 minutes such as an exterior bait station maintenance but others could take over an hour such as bedbug treatments. Each service is unique to your situation. When booking with me I can give you a better idea of time frames required.

AMPM Pest Control's Coverage Area